Returns and Refunds

The following information sets out to inform you of our policies regarding returns and refunds of any item purchased via this website.

Damage, Returns and Refunds

Please read the following paragraphs that sets out our terms, conditions and policy if you have purchased something from our website and it  arrives damaged, or if you wish to return it or request a refund.

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You must inspect any and all delivered goods purchased from us, immediately after they have been delivered to you, for signs of damage or missing or faulty parts. If you do not inform us with 24 hours of delivery that there has been damage to the item, missing parts or faulty parts, then we will no accept any claims for replacement, exchange, or refunds. If the item has been delivered damaged and has been sent direct from our supplier and you have notfied us of the damage within 24 hours of being delivered, then we will contact our supplier and they will decide the course of action to take, either sending you a replacement, spare parts, or any other action they deem necessary. Photographc evidence will be required, before the supplier will take any action on your behalf.  Similarly if the item has been sent direct from our shop premises, you must follow the same procedure and course of action,  as if they were sent from our suppliers. 

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Returns - we will only accept returns if the item is faulty.  We do not accept returns if the item is the wrong size, wrong colour chosen, if you have changed your mind or for ay other reason other than the item is faulty.  If we accept a return, we will offer an exchange on clothing, solely at our discretion,  or we will refer to our supplier to advise on their course of action,  providing photographs have been provided by the customer. You may be required to pay for the cost of returning the item to us, if the item is faulty we will refund you the cost of returning it to us, if in our judgement the fault has NOT been caused by the user/customer.

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Refunds will only  be issued on faulty items.  Items sent direct by our suppliers, the supplier will first have to be informed so they can try and resolve the issue, particularly if the item purchased is  aRide on Car which the supplier provides a warranty and will try to repair or send replacement parts.  Photographic evidence will be required to sent to us.  If the supplier requires the item to be returned to them to repair,  they will arrange collection, if they believe it is not user error or user damage. If Just Kids has decided to refund you, we will not issue a refund until you have returned the item to us, we have inspected it and then made a final decision regarding refunding you.  If you do not use the item according to the specifications stated on the description of the item on our online store, for example not driving the car on flat surfaces, but instead over stones or rocks or did not charge the car for 14 hours first use, or have failed to assemble the car as per instructions, then we will recind our offer of refund. Failure to report damage or faults within 24 hours of devlivery will result in no claims of any kind being accepted.   

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Purchasing from our website assumes that you have read these Damage Returns and Refunds policies of this website & Just Kids Retail LTD and are were happy to proceed with your purchase and being subject to these policies and terms and conditions.